Did You Lose Money Investing With Geneos Wealth Management, Inc. Financial Advisor Katrina Barrett?

Geneos Wealth Management Financial Advisor Katrina BarrettKatrina Ann Barrett (CRD#: 5297739) is a registered broker and investment advisor. Since 2009, Ms. Barrett has been a representative of Geneos Wealth Management, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Prior to that, she was employed at First Investors Corporation.

Recently, allegations have been raised that Ms. Barrett recommended that clients put their money into LJM Capital Preservation and Growth Fund. There have been reports that LJM Capital investors have suffered major financial losses.

According to reporting from Barron’s, LJM Capital Preservation and Growth Fund failed its investors. On a single day in February of 2018, LJM Capital — an investment fund that was marketed as ‘preserving capital’ for investors — lost more than 55 percent of its total value. A truly devastating loss for investors who thought they were putting their hard earned money into a relatively safe and secure financial product.

If you or your loved one was recommended LJM Capital Preservation by a broker or financial advisor, you may have a viable claim for unsuitable investment losses. You should consult with a lawyer right away.

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