Dexter Thomas, Formerly of LPL Financial, Subject to Multiple Customer Disputes

Thomas had twenty-three customer disputes listed on his BrokerCheck report.

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Dexter Thomas - LPL FinancialDexter Thomas (CRD#: 1074222) was a broker who formerly worked for LPL Financial in Dallas, Texas, United Planners Financial Services of America, National Planning Corporation, Invest Financial Corporation, AIG Financial Advisors, SunAmerica Securities, and others.

Thomas has twenty-nine disclosures listed on his BrokerCheck report. Twenty-three of the disclosures are customer disputes, five are financial disclosures, and one is listed as employment separation after allegations.

In 2018, United Planners Financial Services of America discharged Thomas based on allegations that he was involved with a number of private loans or private investments with certain individuals, some of which became members of the firm. The loans/investments were not disclosed to the firm. 

Also in 2018, a customer filed a dispute against Thomas, alleging that he, “did not return all of the funds that were privately loaned to or privately invested with the Registered Representative. The private loan(s) or investment(s) were neither disclosed to nor approved by the Firm.” The dispute was settled for $320,000. 

Disputes identical to the one listed above appear 12 times on Thomas’s record. The most recent in September of 2019, which requested over $42,000 in damages. Many of the disputes are still pending.

In May 2019, three disputes were filed against Thomas alleging failure to supervise, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud. They are still pending. 

The five financial disclosures on Thomas’ record occur in 2011 and 2012. They all involve a compromise with creditors and are settled in Texas state court in Dallas County.

Four of the disclosures involve Bank of America, and one is with Citibank. All were satisfied by settling with the creditor by paying about 50%-60% of the original amount owed, which was between $35,000 and $6,500.

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