Did UBS, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney or your brokerage firm sell you structured products?

Structured products are investments that are typically based on a single or basket of stocks, bonds, hedge funds or indices. Some offer various levels of protection. Most structured products pay a high interest rate or coupon and generally limit or cap the upside participation in the underlying holdings. Brokerage firms and banks often exaggerated the level of protection offered by these investments and downplayed the level of risk. When the underlying investment performed poorly, many investors were left with significant losses they never were told possible. These products can be very complex and difficult to understand by most investors. Structured products were called different names by different companies that sold them such as: ELKS, Principal Protected Notes, Stairs, Partial Principal Protected Notes, Reverse Convertibles, Auto Callables, Yield Optimization Notes among others. Sonn Law Group has recovered millions of dollars for investors lured into buying these misleading and often very risky investments and remain committed to representing you to recover your losses in structured products.