ponzi-scheme-card Ponzi schemes are a type of fraud involving the payment of dividends to investors from the money put in by subsequent investors. The money is usually not invested at all, but is often used by the person who started the scheme for personal expenditures. Perhaps the best known Ponzi scheme in recent history was run by Bernie Madoff.

The lure of Ponzi schemes is typically the promise of unusually high or regular returns. By the time most have been discovered, the investors’ money has already been spent, and getting it back can be extremely difficult. If you have lost money in a Ponzi scheme or fear that you may have been drawn into one, you should seek the advice of a Ponzi scheme lawyer immediately.


Fighting for the Rights of Ponzi Scheme Victims

  • If your broker sold you a bond or promissory note that turned out to be part of a Ponzi scheme, the broker and the investment firm can be held liable for your losses.
  • The securities sold in a Ponzi scheme are rarely approved by the firm, so brokers sell them without the firm’s knowledge. This is referred to as selling away, and is a violation of FINRA rules.
  • The firm can also be held accountable for negligent supervision of investor accounts and their brokers.

Experienced Legal Guidance from the Ponzi Scheme Lawyers at Sonn Law

At Sonn Law Group, we have experience with these types of cases. Our Florida Ponzi scheme lawyers have represented clients across the country and internationally. We have a complete understanding of investment fraud and due diligence law, and we know the best approach to seeking a full recovery of your financial losses.

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To learn even more about Ponzi schemes, check out the Sonn Law Group Ponzi scheme FAQ.

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