The UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy (YES) Was Touted as Safe — But Many Investors Suffered Significant Losses

Many UBS YES Strategy Investors Sustained Major Losses in the Volatile Fourth Quarter of 2018

UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy Most often marketed to high net worth investors, the YES strategy was touted as being “safe” and “low-risk”. Unfortunately, the reality appears to be far different.

According to a report from SeekingAlpha, the UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy or ‘YES strategy’ was hit hard by the volatile fourth quarter of 2018.

Now, some affected investors are filing UBS YES strategy lawsuits to hold negligent financial advisors and brokerage firms accountable.

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Market Volatility Resulted in Substantial YES Investment Losses

Many UBS investors were told that the YES strategy was low-risk and that the potential for large losses was limited. However, the fourth quarter of 2018, which was one of the most volatile periods for the market in many decades, proved those promises to be untrue. The Yield Enhancement Strategy performed poorly over that period.

Investors deserve honest, open, and reliable guidance from their financial representative. When brokers or brokerage firms recommend unsuitable investments or fail to adequately disclosure risks, they can potentially be held legally liable for any resulting financial losses. UBS YES strategy investors may have a valid legal claim.

The Sonn Law Group is currently investigating the UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy that was pitched to high net worth investors by financial advisors. We represent investors in claims against brokers and broker-dealers. For a free consultation, please call us today at 305.912.3000 or complete our contact form.