Sonn Law Group Investigating Stallion Real Estate Funds

Sonn Law Group has launched an investigation of three Texas-based funds, namely the Stallion Texas Real Estate Fund, the Stallion Texas Real Estate Fund II, and the Stallion Texas Real Estate Income Fund (collectively the “Stallion Real Estate funds”).

Each of these three funds is managed by Stallion Capital Management LLC. Sonn Law Group learned the Stallion Real Estate funds promise a “high yield 8% Target Return”, “Capital Preservation” as “100% Collateralized by Real Estate”, “Income” via quarterly dividends, and “Experience” via a “Seasoned, Trustworthy, and Dedicated Team.”

“While investors are promised an 8% targeted return, we have reason to believe that at least one of the Stallion funds is not meeting that targeted return.” “We also wonder why the latest Stallion fund filings for the Stallion Real Estate Income Fund I and II do not show any investors or amounts raised, do not show the number of unaccredited investors in their SEC Form D and do not show the commissions paid,” said Jeffrey Sonn, Esq., a securities lawyer that represents investors nationwide in various investment loss cases.

“At this point, we have more questions than answers,” added Sonn.

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