FTC Calls Simple Health Plans, LLC a ‘Sham’ that Cost Victims Millions

CONSUMER ALERT: The FTC stated in a March 18, 2019 filing that “thousands of [Simple Health’s] victims continue to be charged each month by the third-party administrator that issued Defendants’ virtually worthless insurance products”.

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CONSUMER ALERT: (November, 2018) The FTC obtains an injunction against Steven Dorfman and Simple Health Plans, alleging deceptive sales of health insurance policies; Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) terminates Simple Health as sales agent.


Simple Health Plans: The Alleged Fraud

Simple Health Plans Fraud On Thursday November 1st, the FTC filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Simple Health Plans LLC, et al. in order to freeze the assets of the company.

The Federal Trade Commission is working to permanently shut down Simple Health Plans LLC, which it asserts is a ‘sham’ health insurance provider whose owner, Steven Dorfman, has diverted millions of dollars for his own personal use.

According to the FTC, Simple Health Plans was marketing itself to consumers as a provider of comprehensive insurance policies that were compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

In reality, Simple Health customers found themselves deep in debt after receiving medical care they thought was covered with no deductibles. In essence, customers of Simple Health were left completely uninsured “and subjected to nearly unlimited financial exposure”.

At the same time that his alleged victim were reeling from the realization that they were liable for, in some cases, tens of thousands in medical expenses, Dorfman was spending lavishly, including:


Steven J. Dorfman pictured at an event commemorating a $25,000 donation by his company, Simple Health Plans LLC, to a nonprofit organization in April 2018. Image Source.

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