TD Bank Wrongful Overdraft Fees

td-bank-wrongful-overdraft-feesThe Sonn Law Group is investigating reports that TD Bank charged its customers wrongful overdraft fees on accounts with a positive funds balance.


A class action filed in Florida claims that TD Bank unfairly charged customers with excessive overdraft fees. The plaintiff alleges that when she overdrew her TD Bank account with a single transaction, TD Bank charged her two $35 overdraft fees instead of the single $35 fee laid out in the account contract. Since the filing of the class action lawsuit, TD Bank has updated the terms of its account documents.


The Sonn Law Group is currently investigating allegations that TD Bank is charging improper overdraft fees. If you bank with TD Bank and believe an improper overdraft fee was assessed to your account, reach out to us today. For a free consultation, please call us at 866-827-3202 or complete our contact form.