A Class Action lawsuit is a suit by one or a few persons as representatives of an entire class of persons who were harmed by the same misconduct. It usually requires that the potential class members were harmed under substantially similar facts and where there are the same issues of law, and lastly, where the law can provide a remedy for all persons of the class that were harmed. The main benefit of a class action is that it provides for economies of scale in having one court decide the case for an entire class of persons who are seeking the same remedy, for the same harm, under the same legal theories. Sometimes, the claims individually are just too small to bring one at a time, but as a class action is economically feasible so the harm to all class members can receive justice.

The law firm of Sonn Law Group (“the Firm”) prosecutes class actions and individual cases nationwide on behalf of individual and institutional victims of securities law violations. Additionally, the firm handles securities arbitration matters before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”), as well as serving as special counsel for S.E.C. and other Court-appointed receivers in Ponzi scheme cases.

The Firm’s attorneys have prosecuted and defended dozens of securities class actions on behalf of individuals and institutions.


The following is a list of class action cases in which the Firm or one or more of its attorneys are or have been involved at this or prior law firms:

  • Katz vs. MRT, Case No. 07-cv-61438 (S.D. Fla.). (Plaintiff’s counsel in a Ponzi case where a Final Judgment was obtained of $50 Million dollars.
  • Sims vs. Lennar, (Palm Beach Circuit Court), (Plaintiffs’ counsel in a consumer fraud case that resulted in certification of the class and a class wide settlement.)
  • Cordova vs. Lehman Brothers, et al, 05-21169 (S.D.Fla.). (Counsel for Defendant Oliva Investment Group (OIG) in a Ponzi scheme. Obtained dismissal for OIG.)
  • In re Silicon Graphics Securities Litig. (N.D. Cal.) (won motion to dismiss for defendants in case that established pleading standards for securities fraud actions in the Ninth Circuit) – Defense Counsel
  • In re Cholestech Securities Litig. (N.D. Cal.) (successfully defended company in accounting fraud case).
  • In re GameTech Securities Litig. (D. Ariz.) (defended company against charge of misleading registration statement).
  • In re America West Airlines Securities Litig. (D. Ariz.) (successfully defended airlines in securities fraud case).
  • In re SmartModular Securities Litig. (N.D. Cal.) (successfully defended company in 10b-5 fraud class action).
  • In re DaimlerBenz Securities Litig. (D. Del.) (successfully defended car-maker in securities class action).
  • In re McKesson-HBOC Securities Litig. (N.D. Cal.) (defended medical supply company in multi-billion dollar accounting fraud case).
  • In re Williams Companies Securities Litig. (N.D. Okla.) (defended energy company in multi-billion dollar accounting fraud case).
  • In re MCG Capital Corp. (E.D. Va.) (prosecuted fraud case against holding company).
  • In re Sawtek Securities Litig. (M.D. Fla.) (won novel argument for statutory interpretation of Sarbanes-Oxley act).
  • In re Royal Dutch Shell Securities Litig. (D.N.J.) (won motion for reconsideration that restored hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to class action).
  • In re Riggs Bank (D.D.C.) (successfully prosecuted fraud case against bank insiders in merger case).
  • Phillips v. Sportline.com, Inc. (S.D. Fla.) (prosecuted 10b-5 class action against internet company).
  • In re Medical Staffing Securities Litig. (S.D. Fla.) (prosecuted 10b-5 class action against medical staffing agency).
  • In re Medical Holdings Securities Litig. (S.D. Fla.) (same).
  • In re Andrx Corp. Securities Litig. (S.D. Fla.) (prosecuted securities fraud case against generic drug maker).
  • In re SourceCorp Securities Litig. (N.D. Tex.) (prosecuted 10b-5 class action against data processing firm).
  • In re Corn Products Securities Litig. (N.D. Ill. (prosecuted class action against agri-food manufacturer).
  • In re Xybernaut Securities Litig. (E.D. Va.) (prosecuted 10b-5 class action against computer maker).
  • Underwood v. Concord Camera Corp. et al. (S.D. Fla.) (prosecuted class action against camera maker for 10b-5 fraud).
  • In re Fannie Mae Securities Litig. (D.D.C.) (defended mortgage giant Fannie Mae in multi-billion dollar accounting fraud class action).
  • In re Tyco Securities Litig. (D.N.H.) (prosecuted securities class action against medical supply conglomerate).
  • Brown v. J.P. Turner & Co., L.L.C. (N.D. Ga.) (prosecuted class action under Georgia Securities Act against broker-dealer who sold Ponzi schemes).
  • Grossbard v.Securities America, Inc., et al. (D. Neb.) (prosecuted class action against broker-dealer under Nebraska Securities Act for selling Ponzi scheme).
  • Schorrig v. IBM Southeastern Employees’ Credit Union (S.D. Fla.) (prosecuted class action against credit union for selling Ponzi scheme).
  • Zinner v. Securities America, Inc. et al., 10-cv-03051 (D. Neb. 2009) – (Plaintiffs’ Counsel).
  • In re Medical Capital Broker-Dealer Securities Litig., MDL No. 2145 (JPML 2009) – (Plaintiffs’ Counsel.)