Robin Vail Platt, Broker with Hancock Whitney Investment Services, Accused of Unsuitable Investment Recommendations

Platt is a registered investment adviser with Hancock Whitney and has been since 2013.

robin-vail-platt-unsuitable-investment-recommendationsRobin Vail Platt (CRD:2584058) is registered as an investment adviser and broker with Hancock Whitney Investment Services in Mandeville, LA, where she has been employed since 2013.

According to a press release, Platt was named in a recently filed customer dispute alleging that she made unsuitable recommendations to purchase a Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) Investment.

The dispute alleges that the claimant, a longtime client of Hancock Whitney, had mostly invested in bank products and kept his money in checking/savings accounts. In 2016, Platt allegedly recommended the Bermuda-based investment, which eventually made up the majority of the retiree’s portfolio. 

Platt has three disclosures on her BrokerCheck report. One customer dispute filed against Platt was denied.

May 2013 Financial Event

November 2012 Financial Event

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