James T. Flynn, Formerly of Voya Financial, Has Received Over 45 Customer Complaints Since 2018

Disambiguation Notice: This post contains information related to James Travis Flynn (Jim Flynn – CRD#: 3082615) of Greenville South Carolina. He is not to be confused with James C. Flynn of Asheville. They are NOT the same person.

Former Voya Financial Advisor based in Greenville, South Carolina James T. Flynn, who was barred by FINRA in 2018, had over one million dollars in pending complaints in 2019 alone

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James-T-Flynn-Voya-Financial-Advisor-Losses-Fraud Former Voya Financial Broker, James Travis Flynn (Jim Flynn) (CRD#: 3082615) was barred by FINRA in 2018 for failing to provide requested information. Flynn was employed by IFS Securities from 2017 to 2018, where he became the subject of dozens of customer complaints related to his placement of their funds in variable annuities and non-traded real estate investments (REITs).

Non traded REITs pose many risks to inexperienced investors, specifically their high up-front commissions. (Typically between 7–10%) Additionally, non-traded REITs generally charge investors for certain due diligence and administrative fees. Non-traded REITs do not trade on a public securities exchange. For this reason, non-traded REITs can be “illiquid,” meaning investors may be unable to sell their investments on demand. Many inexperienced investors realize too late that they will be unable to exit their investment position.

Flynn has a multitude of customer disputes listed on his BrokerCheck report, many of which involve unsuitable recommendations.

Flynn has 47 customer disputes on his BrokerCheck record, most of which are claims filed within the last two years for unsuitability and misrepresentation related real estate securities (REIT) investments.

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2020 Complaints Against James T. Flynn

2019 Complaints Against James T. Flynn

2018 Complaints Against James T. Flynn

Flynn faced 16 customer disputes in 2018. Of the 16, six were denied, one was withdrawn, and two were closed with no action taken.

2017 Complaints Against James T. Flynn

Flynn was the subject of four customer disputes in 2017, all of which were settled. 

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