Daniel Poland, Broker with McNally Financial Services, Accused of Recommending GPB Capital Private Placements

Investors should seek damages after Poland recommended investments that were unsuitable. 

daniel-poland-gpb-private-placement-accusationDaniel Poland (CRD: 1230652) is registered as a broker with McNally Financial Services where he has been employed since 2007. Previously, Poland was registered as a broker with Park Avenue Securities from 1999 until 2005. 

GPB Capital Holdings, a New York-based investment firm, offers exempt, private placement securities that are incredibly risky for investors. Brokers who recommended purchasing investments in GPB Capital Holdings may not have conducted appropriate due diligence on GPB’s funds. It is reported that brokers across the country raked in over $160 million in commissions. In February 2021, the SEC accused GPB and its founders of operating a $1.7 billion Ponzi-like scheme.

Poland has eight disclosures on his BrokerCheck report. 

March 2020 Judgment / Lien

February 2020 Judgment / Lien

September 2019 Judgment / Lien

June 2013 Judgment / Lien

April 2021 Regulatory Judgment

December 2005 Customer Dispute

December 2005 Judgment / Lien

November 2005 Employment Separation After Allegations

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